Sunday Groups


Powerhouse is the collective name for our children’s groups which meet in the Church Centre during our Sunday  Morning Services. Children meet together for worship where the Bible theme for the day is introduced. We praise God through prayer, singing and games before joining age-related groups for a variety of activities. We join the church congregation towards the end of morning services. Our aim is to have fun whilst learning about God. Our powerhouse groups are;  

Mini-Amps (crèche)

Currently unavailable.

Parents attending our Morning Service are invited to leave babies and toddlers (up to 3 years old) in Mini Amps where they have a variety of age-related toys. Children are cared for by 3 adults. On communion Sundays parents are asked to collect their children immediately prior to communion so that all children and Powerhouse leaders might attend communion.  

Bright Sparks!

You can be a Bright Spark if you are roughly between 3 and 7 years of age. We share action songs, short stories and simple crafts. It’s great fun being together and experiencing God. Come and join us. 

Cool Connections

Junior School aged children (roughly 7 to 11 years of age) meet on Sundays and on Friday evenings in Cool Connections. We enjoy helping with worship and sometimes take part in church services by reading or leading prayers in all-age worship, at Christmas or on Mothering Sunday. We love drama, team games and craft activities.