We support a number of mission organisations and missionary workers in this country and abroad. Amongst those we support are; Scripture Union, CPAS, FEBA, Mid Africa Concern, Christian Aid, TearFund and The Prison Fellowship.

Some of our church members offer support of gifts and help to a wide variety of missions and charitable organisations such as CHESS (the Chelmsford homeless night shelter). Others help lead and run camps for young people such as West Runton and Falcon Camps.

CMS (Church Mission Society)

CMS is committed to evangelistic mission, working to see our world transformed by the love of Jesus.’ They have missionaries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America all working to tell of the good news of Jesus. They aim to 'make disciples, resource leaders, and transform communities'.

Making Disciples - development of members’ spirituality shaped by several promises

Resourcing Leaders - the training of members who will lead the Community itself, or those who will pioneer local or transcultural mission resulting in community transformation.

Transforming Communities - the transformation of local churches into mission-shaped communities, and the transformation of the wider society in diverse cultural and global contexts.


How is this achieved?

courses on the Bible


cross-cultural encounter

long-term cross-cultural mission.

Want to know more?  http://www.cms-uk.org/


Tearfund are a Christian charity passionate about the local church bringing justice and transforming lives - overcoming global poverty. Their ten-year vision is to see 50 million people released from material and spiritual poverty through a worldwide network of 100,000 local churches.


They run appeals to support those stuck in the middle of major turmoil, for example in Syria and Dafur. They also help with disasters across the world, and invest in healthcare systems, church mobilisation, HIV and AIDS and help improve water quality and sanitation.


Want to know more?  http://www.tearfund.org/en/

West Runton Holidays

West Runton run a number of holidays to help spread the news of the gospel with children from the ages of 9 to 21. A number of St Mary's Youth attend these holidays every year, and a couple of St Mary's young at heart lead on a couple of camps every year.

Want to know more?  https://westrunton.org.uk/

Prison Fellowship

Prison Fellowship's Vision is that every prisoner has access to support and prayer. PF’s mission is to show Christ’s love to prisoners by coming alongside them and supporting them.


How do they try and achieve this?


As a volunteer-driven organisation they seek through prayer and practical care to help, support and develop a Christian ministry to prisoners and their families. They do this through our network of volunteer members, and currently have over 1,600 members across England and Wales.


They have three main programmes:

1) Sycamore tree - Sycamore Tree is a victim awareness programme that teaches the principles of restorative justice. It is taught in prisons in groups of up to 20 learners by PF volunteers. Prisoners on the programme explore the effects of crime on victims, offenders, and the community, and discuss what it would mean to take responsibility for their personal actions.


2) Angel tree - Angel Tree supports prisoners in their family relationships by providing a way for them to give Christmas presents to their children. Local Prison Fellowship volunteers raise funds and work with churches and prison chaplains to buy and deliver the presents. As long as they are allowed access to their children, prisoners are given the opportunity to apply for a gift to be sent to them. Each gift is sent as though it is from the parent in prison who is also able to write a personal message to their child.


3) Letter Writing - The Letter Writing programme enables prisoners to feel valued and supported while in custody. They have over 150 volunteers who are trained and writing to people in prison. Prisoners often feel extremely lonely and isolated, and many have lost touch with their family and friends on the outside. We believe that something as simple as writing letters can make a huge difference to the lives of prisoners. A letter might be the only communication a prisoner receives and can provide huge encouragement and a link to the outside world.


Want to know more?  http://www.prisonfellowship.org.uk/

CPAS (Church Pastoral Aid Society)

CPAS is a Christian charity that aim to enable the church to help every person hear and discover the good news of Jesus. CPAS are committed to mission and equipping churches for their God-given task of evangelism. They believe that the most strategic way for them to help churches become more mission-focused is by developing effective leadership.


They want to see a Christ-centred, Bible-based, mission-focused Church;

- where leaders are clear about their call to discipleship, growing in Christ-like character, and competent to lead in a time of rapid change;

- where leaders discern God's direction, enable action, build teams, develop leaders, facilitate communication, and nurture people;

- where leaders work in teams, reflecting the diversity of ministries, and model themselves on the servant character of Jesus;

- where leaders help transform inherited churches, pioneer emerging churches and deliver creative residential ministry, effectively helping children, young people and adults hear and discover the good news of Jesus Christ.


What do they do to achieve this?

Making disciples of young people and developing leadership potential through Ventures and Falcon Camps.

Resourcing churches in developing missional leaders.

Developing key local church leaders for mission.

Taking a national lead in furthering missional leadership through our patronage work

Want more information? http://www.cpas.org.uk/


feba is a missionary radio station administered from the UK and broadcasting from partner transmission locations around the world.


They tailor their material to the needs of the communities they serve. Material can:

Provide information and education relevant to a community’s needs and issues

Enable communities to help themselves and make positive life changes

Provide an opportunity for self-expression, giving communities a voice

Encourage reconciliation between individuals, families and communities

Instil joy and relief through entertainment and humour

Awaken the possibility of a relationship with Jesus

Provide Bible teaching and encouragement for those who choose to follow Jesus


feba are all about life-giving media...

In our global community, millions of people remain weighed down by injustice; isolated, vulnerable and voiceless. Communities are in crisis, locked in cycles of conflict, poverty and preventable disease.

They believe everyone has a right to life in its fullest. And media can help.

As followers of Jesus, they use media to improve life, inspire change and instil hope in some of the world’s hardest-to-reach communities.

Hard-to-reach comes in many forms. People may be geographically isolated, homeless or in exile. They may be oppressed or persecuted, living in absolute poverty or devastated by disaster. Wherever they are, they serve them at their point of need.


How do they achieve this?

Whether broadcasting on short wave, medium wave, FM, the internet or using social media, feba material is produced in the listeners’ heart language, wherever possible in-country, often in partnership with like-minded organisations.

feba delivers fresh, compelling and engaging content, addressing issues facing individuals, families and communities in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

In disaster situations, it's sometimes appropriate to distribute radios to those affected so that they can access vital information.


Want more information?  http://www.feba.org.uk/

Scripture Union

Scripture Union is an international mission movement that was founded over 140 years ago. We work in over 120 countries making God's good news known to children, young people and families and encouraging people of all ages to meet God daily through the Bible and prayer. Our goal: that all may come to a personal faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, grow in Christian maturity and become both committed church members and servants of a world in need.


Scripture Union's Vision

In England and Wales, Scripture Union's long-term vision is for:

every Christian - to engage enthusiastically with the Bible and grow in their faith

every church - to be fully equipped to make disciples of children and young people

every community - to have a vital Christian witness to children, young people and families


Want to know more?  http://www.scriptureunion.org.uk/8.id

MAC (Mid-Africa Concern)

MAC prepare goods for sending to Rwanda and to Uganda. In the past they have sent many packages, parcels and containers full of goods relevant to those receiving them. They also pray, write letters and raise awareness for brothers and sisters in Mid Africa.

The MAC group would like to thank all who pray for our work and all who have given money and goods to enable us to provide support for our brothers and sisters in both Rwanda and Uganda. 

We also thank Bible Society for delivering Bibles to our recipients in whatever edition/language is locally requested, on MAC’s behalf.

Here's a snapshot of some of our recent packing ...

The container is finally on its way to Archbishop Kolini’s compound in Kigali, Rwanda. The ultimate destination of our goods, which take up one third of the container, is Shyira hospital in rural north-west Rwanda. Everything on board has been prayerfully collected – both donated and purchased, taking account of Dr’s Caleb and Louise King’s priority needs list.

God has faithfully provided the goods and the means to transport them and now we ask that the church family at St Mary’s faithfully prayers for their safe delivery. Customs officials are often open to corruption and Shyira hospital’s small truck will have to make several trips from Kigali to take the goods up to the hospital on a road that is steep and dangerously full of pot holes.

Christian Hope International (CHI) has shown considerable interest in MAC’s support of Shyira and has featured this in their latest magazine. We are most grateful to them, especially as we have been allocated space on a second container due to leave for Rwanda this summer.

Shyria hospital is a Christian Centre serving an area roughly the size of Wales. The staff there endure great hardship in their calling to serve the poorest of the poor in that rural community. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will protect them and strengthen & empower them to meet the needs of all who seek help and healing. Pray too for much needed hydro-electric-power to provide more electricity and running water for the hospital and local community. 


Central to our work is to spread the good news that Jesus is Lord and Saviour of all. 

Chelmsford CHESS (Churches Homeless Emergency Support Scheme)

Chelmsford CHESS seeks to relieve homelessness and related hardship and distress amongst single adults in Chelmsford and Essex, through the provision of support services and temporary accommodation that helps them move on in their lives.


CHESS provides support services and temporary accommodation for those 
who really need it.


Want to know more? http://www.chelmsfordchess.org/

The Langham Partnership

Mission: Training faithful preachers of God's Word.

              Providing excellent tools for the job.

              Investing in qualified teachers and leaders.


The Langham Partnership uses three integrated programmes especially within the southern and eastern continents to fulfil its mission.

Langham Preaching - training people in how to study and preach the Bible in their own contexts.

Langham Literature - distributes evangelical books to pastors in many languages including indigenous languages.

Langham Scholars - provides funding for gifted leaders to study for doctorates in Theology. 

Want to know more?  http://www.langham.org

SYM (Schools and Youth Ministries)

SYM's vision
To communicate to children and young people the truth about Christianity.
To provide opportunities for them to CONSIDER Christianity through extra curricular groups and events. 
To consolidate through partnership with local churches.


SYM's mission statement
To challenge the next generation about the truth of Christianity.

How do they try to achieve this?

SYM work in both primary and secondary schools in Chelmsford. They work within RE lessons and also in lunch breaks with smaller groups of students. They are committed to planning, delivering and evaluating a range of activities which are ‘tailor made’ to suit the individual needs of each school and indeed each group of students. We work in close partnership with school staff to ensure that what we deliver meets the school’s requirements and has a positive, measurable impact on the students.

Both Lynsey Crisp and Stephen Finch, members of our congregation work at SYM. Lynsey takes on a primary school role from week to week and Steve works within local secondary schools. 

Want to know more?  http://www.symchelmsford.org/

The Children's Society

The Children's Society wants to create a world where all children and young people are respected, valued and heard. They believe that childhood should be happy and that young people deserve to reach their full potential. Their priority is children who have nowhere else to turn. They protect young runaways from the dangers of life on the street. They give disabled children a voice and more control over their lives. Their work helps young refugees start afresh in new communities, and gives young carers time and energy to enjoy their childhood. With over 77 programmes and children's centres throughout England, they offer care, respite, legal support and mentoring schemes. Through their campaigns and research, they seek to influence policy and perceptions at all levels so young people have a better chance in life.


Their approach is driven by the Christian values that inspired the charity's founders in 1881, and by the voices of children and young people who are at the heart of all they do. They want to build a better childhood for every child.


Here at St Mary's we give a set amount of money to the Children's society, and also donations during our christingle service in January.


Want to know more?  http://www.childrenssociety.org.uk/